SmartyCam GP HD Tech Specs...

 Video Format: H264-MPEG-4, 1,280 X 720 Pixels at 30 FPS
 Field of View: 67° or 84° FOV
 Lens: Telecentric with Six Elements
 Memory Card: Up to 128 GB

 Display: 2.40", 240 X 320 Pixels
 Accelerometer: Internal Three Axis ± 5G
 Internal Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion, 1.040 mAh
 Battery Recharge Requirements: 700 mAh/12 Volts
 Internal Battery Life: 60 Minutes (Recording)
 External Power: 9-15 Volts
 Auto Power ON: Yes (If Connected to AiM Data System)
 Auto Power Off: Yes
 Auto Start/Stop Recording: Yes
 Operating Temperature: 14° F to 140° F
 Recorder Pack Body: Anodized Aluminum
 Recorder Pack Dimensions: 4" X 2.57" X 1.04" Inches
 Bullet Camera Dimensions: 0.94" X  2.89" Inches
 Bullet Camera Cable Length/s: 1.50', 3', 4.50', or 6'

 Recorder Pack Weight: 9.20 Ounces

 Bullet Camera Weight: 2 Ounces
 Environmental: IP67 (Water and Dust Rating)

Non-HD, standard definition SmartyCam

Non-HD, standard definition SmartyCam vs. Smartycam hd rev. 1

SmartyCam GP HD Motorsports Video Camera System

The SmartyCam GP HD has been designed for motorsports with a single purpose--to provide amazing video that helps you improve your driving and car setup. The SmartyCam GP HD was built for race conditions, so it is extremely rugged and will withstand even the most harsh environment.

With the tie-in to your AiM data system, you're able to overlay elements that express what the car was doing and where. It takes the guessing out of car setup and data analysis. The SmartyCam GP HD is a solid-state digital video camera that can be used as a stand-alone camera, or connected to an AiM data logger or ECU (ECU connection requires an SMC Bridge kit) for brilliant videos with data overlay. All of the information from the AiM data logger or ECU can be overlaid on-screen and recorded as part of the video footage--no post-process syncing necessary. 

The SmartyCam GP HD features a built-in three axis accelerometer, which can be recorded on-screen as part of the video footage. Connect the SmartyCam GP HD to the AiM GPS08B receiver,  your car's ECU (via SMC Bridge), or an AiM data logger, and you can expand the overlay to include information from those sources. Records up to one hour of true HD video on the included 4GB SD memory card. The SmartyCam GP HD battery lasts up to one hour on its own; it draws less than an Amp when connected to vehicle power or the AiM data logger. Waterproof, so it may get wet, but it still records all the wheel-to-wheel action! The built-in forward-facing preview screen on the recorder pack makes aiming the camera easy. 

$1,099 (plus mount)

Non-HD, standard definition SmartyCam

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