EVO4S Tech Specs...

 System Dimensions: 5.11" X 1.37" X 1.83" Inches
 Weight: 11.6 Ounces
 Chassis: Aluminum
 Environmental: IP65 (Water and Dust Rating)
 Power Supply: 9-15 Volts
 Integrated GPS: Yes (Single Frequency, 10 Hz)
 Integrated Three Axis Accelerometer: Yes

 Integrated Three Axis Gyroscope: Yes
 ECU Connection (CAN/RS232/K-Line/ISO 9141-2): Yes
 CAN Protocol for External Expansion Modules: Yes
 Analog Channels: Five

 Digital Output: One
 RPM Channel/s: One
 Speed Channels: Two
 Lap Timer Input: Yes (Optical, Magnetic, or GPS)
 Sampling Frequency (Maximum): 5,000 Hz (Samples per Second)
 Memory: 4 GB (Internal Solid-State)

Status LED Light: Yes (Multifunction)
 USB Data Download: Yes

The quick system rundown and why it works...

  • LCU-One- The LCU-One allows you to easily tune your carburetor, mechanical, or electronic fuel injection. tuning starts here

  • Water temperature- Knowing your water temperature before, during, and after the race, will tell you a lot about the health and performance of your motor

  • Fuel pressure- Consistent Fuel Pressure is essential for both Carbureation and Fuel Injection.  What you have set IT TO in the PITS is most likely not what you have at the end of the back straight, SO THIS IS CRITICAL FOR TUNING

  • DATA Hub- Allows connection of the Display, lcu-one (afr/lambda), and Memory MODULE without occupying any analog Channels

  • memory Module- Allows convenient and private downloading without dragging a computer and usb cable out to the car. Just PULL THE SD CARD OUT and you ARE done

  • Dash plate- Allows for custom looking instillation and allows the dash to be removed with a Dzus fastener

  • Mychrontom​- Whether I am at the track, or at the other end of your phone , your team's success is my priority

EVO4S System

The EVO4S is a black-box data logging system that allows you to connect a variety of digital displays to it. The EVO4S has five analog inputs for sensors (like pressure and temperature), two digital inputs (for wheel speed, etc.), a digital square wave/variable Voltage RPM input, integrated GPS (single frequency, 10Hz sampling frequency) for lap timing, track mapping and driven-line plotting, and a three axis gyro/accelerometer for calculating angle and acceleration force. The system also features a single, digital output for triggering an external shift light, engaging a relay, or whatever. The EVO4S system has ECU connectivity via CAN, RS232, or K-Line/ISO 9141-2.  To see if the EVO4S can talk to your car's ECU, click here.

Our standard EVO4S kit includes: The EVO4S system, the GS-Dash display, the necessary wiring harness/es (for connecting to your car's ECU or to your coil for RPM pickup) and patch cables (length will vary, depending on your specs), GPS antenna/Module (special lengths available), a USB cable, a CAN-based (or analog, depending on your specs) LCU-One AFR/Lambda sensor kit (for measuring your car's AFR/Lambda), a VDO pressure sensor (can be upgraded to a KA version for $100) for monitoring fuel pressure, a fluid temperature sensor for water temperature (available in M5, M10, and 1/8 NPT sizes), a CAN Data Hub for connection all CAN-based devices (i.e. LCU-One AFR/Lambda controller, Memory Module, etc.), a Memory Module (that allows you to remotely download the car's data without having to take your PC out there), a dash plate (for mounting the GS-Dash display), a single port Data Hub (for connecting up the Memory Module remotely and making it more accessible), and...my help and support to assist with getting the system setup and working properly.


​​​​In case you need it...

USB cable Pinout

User manual

​Race Studio 3 software