MyChron5/2T Tech Specs...

 GPS: Integrated (10 Hz Single Frequency)
 Inertial Sensor: Included
 Wi-Fi Connection: Included
 Display Resolution: 268 X 128 Pixels
 Integrated Backlight: Yes
 Configurable RGB Backlight: Yes (Seven Colors)
 Ambient Light Sensor: Yes
 Multifunction Shift Light Array: Yes (Five RGB LED Lights)
 Alarm Lights: Yes (Two Configurable)
 Adjustable Sampling Frequency: Yes
 Housing: Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon
 Pushbuttons: Yes (Aluminum)
 Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion
 Memory: 4 GB
 Dimensions: 5.40" X 3.50" X 1.20" Inches
 Weight: 13.75 Ounces
 Environmental: IP67 (Water and Dust Rating)

MyChron5 System

The MyChron5/2T is a data logging system that allows you to connect a variety of sensors to it, including RPM, an IR lap receiver (not included), and a temperature sensor (or two on the 2T version).

The MyChron5 has an inductive RPM input, a temperature input (for exhaust gas, cylinder head, or water temperature sensors), a CAN expansion input, Wi-Fi for downloading and transmitting, alarm LED lights, a shift light array, integrated GPS (10Hz sampling frequency) for lap timing, speed, track mapping and driven-line plotting, and an integrated three axis accelerometer/gyro for calculating acceleration. 

Did we mention that the MyChron5/2T has an RGB backlight that is auto-sensing (it turns itself on and off, depending on the ambient light conditions) and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack? Well, it does...and it it is your tuning-tool for karting, 1/4 Midgets, and more.